Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Elevating your Myrtle Beach Bachelorette Party

The perfect bachelorette party in Myrtle Beach should reflect your personality and honor the important time in your life while preparing to get married. Above all, it should be fun!  There are so many options for you to choose from when it comes to activities and events, especially in Myrtle Beach. We're here to introduce some options for those trying to put together the perfect bachelorette party itinerary.

Booking a boudoir session for your bachelorette party is the perfect way to elevate it to new heights! You will definitely remember your celebration for years to come, especially with the photographs to look back on. There are many different ways you can approach your session, and Moonlight and Lace Boudoir is a fantastic option to consider. Scheduling a session at a hotel in town puts you in the vicinity of a lot of great restaurants and bars! Plus, you'll already have your makeup done, as well as feeling empowered and confident from your photo session. This is a recipe for a great night out!

One popular activity for bachelorette groups is to head to a paint and wine session. There are couple of different destinations for this activity in the Myrtle Beach area. Even if you're not somebody who is familiar with the process of painting, you will have a ton of fun expressing your creativity while drinking with your friends. The instructors are able to take you through the painting slowly, so everybody is able to create something beautiful to take home and look at for years to come.

The bar and restaurant scene in Myrtle Beach begs to be explored by bachelorette groups! You can stick to tried and true classics, or check out some of the newer additions. The Grumpy Monk is a sushi bar with delicious cocktails, while Tin Roof offers entertainment in the form of live music. If you do plan on having drinks during your bachelorette party in Myrtle Beach, it's important to make sure transportation isn't an after thought. Myrtle Beach and Charleston Transportation allows you to visit multiple destinations without juggling Uber rides, and there's a lot more room to socialize. With a bit of planning and organization, your bachelorette party will be one of the best memories you've made thus far!

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Sunday, June 10, 2018

Shooting on the Beach

I recently came back to Wilmington, NC from Alabama. I had lived here previously for ten years and came back every few years to visit. It is still a great city and is growing. Of course I always loved the beach. As a Photographer it is fun to shoot on the beach.

The girls always have fun. This is Tiffany from South Carolina who has twice shot on the beach. Although, there are challenges that the Photographer has to consider. First, is the water and there is plenty. 

The last thing you want to have happen is to get the camera wet or worst fall into the water. I like stay in the surf with the strap wrapped around my arm. If I fall I can kept my arm up. I do like to use a tripod but I sure the shifting sand would be an issue. Second, there is sand to deal with on the beach.

If the wind is picking up it is possible to have fine sand particles in the air. Last time I shot I had to clean my my lens twice. A film had developed on my lens. We backed out of the water and shot in the dry sand. Much easier to be stable and shoot. Finally, how do you get a nice crisp picture in this environment.

Many time as mentioned before that I like using a tripod which helps as I am getting old. In the sand that is easy to do since the water is not up to this area. Understanding these challenges has me thinking on how to approach the next shoot. I will probably be sitting in the dry sand with my tripod and using my 400mm long lens. This will give me a safe place in which I can get the tight shots and the wide angles as well.

As always shoot during the "Golden Hour."

Share your thoughts or experiences with doing photography on the beach.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Easter Cat Show

I went to visit my daughter in Baton Rouge, LA for Easter weekend. The one thing she wanted to do was to go to a cat show on Saturday morning. Her friend was going as well.  I think a dog show would be interesting but cats? Now don’t get me wrong we have two cats and they are like our kids to my wife and I.  I have to say going was going to be interesting.

Being a photographer it was natural I wanted to take pictures. As seen in the image above I had the opportunity to get some shots. Many of the cats were kept in carriers and the owners had no real interest in talking to anyone. You can see that there some who were willing to let his or her cat out. Plus, you can see the love. I found out how difficult it was to photograph cat in a venue like this one. They do not stand still always moving. I did get lucky with this guy chilling.

The one thing that really touched my heart was seeing to cat organizations at the events showing the cats they had for adoption. They had some older cats and a few kittens. However, there was this one cat that caught my eye. I wanted to take him home. But for various reason I could not. He is pictured below.

It was still early in the day and more people were coming in. I would like to think he found a forever home. The cat show was interesting got to see a lot of different breeds. Now it was time to go to the zoo.

Sunday, February 11, 2018

What have I been up to.

I hope everyone is enjoying the New Year now that we have the holidays behind us. In the past five months I have relocated from Tuscaloosa to Florence with a new job.  The good thing is I have the room for a studio. I have been doing some Boudoir shoots and Christmas portraits. I had Meghan who I have not seen in about a year come back. She is always a pleasure to work with.

She had purchased some new lingerie and wanted to get some images done. Needless to say, I think she did a great job. This one picture I had gotten a professional print at 10x20 and had it framed. It has made a nice addition to my studio in the studio.

I also had Lacey come by to shoot. She had gotten some new outfits and wanted to try them out. Lacey had joined a clothing company that uses girls who are aspiring to take a shot at modeling. She had bought some of their products. We had a fun time.

Lacey has some other outfits and we will get those done soon. Now just waiting for spring and we will get the bikini pictures done for publication. I will share on my next posting.

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Monday, September 4, 2017

Photo Memories

About four years ago my Mother had passed away. When I traveled back home my sister had a box that I was unaware of the contained a ton of photos. Many were before my time. There was pictures of my Mother when she was a kid. Lots memories and it was great to be able to see these images. What a treasure to have found. As a Photographer, I know how important that the images that I provide are treasured. This is one of images have from the box. My Father and his younger brother.

Unfortunately, I see too many people who get a camera then become what is known as a shoot and burn. I have done that myself as well. However, it is very disappointing to see someone advertising that he or she can provide 50 digital images for $50. I could never get 50 images to a client from shooting in a day. Nor do I know any Professional Photographer that could do that either.
What has that person provided? Probably just a bunch of snap shots.

Whatever happened to hanging pictures on the wall and putting in photo albums? Does that person provide the art that he or she has created? Too often people place value on the cheapest price with the most given. Then get them printed at Walmart. 

Whatever happened to quality? I know there are people out who appreciate the work a Professional Photographer can provide. I have my work online so that people can see my work. I also have prints done from a professional lab so that my client can see what they are getting.  I take great pride in either having them in a photobook or hanging on the wall. The image below is on the cover of a photobook I had put together.

As I structured my business and pricing portfolio digital images will be available for social media along with different print products of my art. But my business will not be shoot and burn. I have done some specials to build a new portfolio but that is very limited. I have put too much time and resources to get to this point in my photography career to treat my art as just a digital image. My work is meant to be seen not hidden on a hard drive, cell phone or memory stick. What are you going to be leaving behind to your family?

What are your thoughts?

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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Pet Photography

Wow, this summer has been busy. A trip to Florida, Louisiana, Tennessee and other places in Alabama. Plus, made some friends along the way. We should be in the house by September 16th and getting the studio set-up. Since most of my work is in Boudoir Photography it gives the client privacy. One thing in photography that I do not hear much about is Pet Photography. I did learn about it in school and they showcased a photographer in New York City who only shot pets. It was interesting to see the fun he had with his client’s. So I got to thinking several weeks ago my about my experiences and the way people see their pet’s vs the way it was when I was growing up.

As a kid pets were just that pets. Now we have warehouse stores catering to pets. I have even seen strollers for little dogs. All I could do was shake my head. While I was in the process of relocating in Memphis I had to get a carrier for my cat. Yes, I bought a designer model since it was on clearance at a very low price. Still I never thought I would do any photography of other people’s pets.

I remember a client wanted me to shoot her riding a horse as she had a private trainer. Since horses are one of my favorites animals I jumped on the opportunity. So I thought how you are supposed to capture the images of horses. Not sure if there is a certain way so I just shot them as I would people. I got a few good images along with my client ridding her horse. However, this one was my favorite. We made eye contact.

Since school I never encountered anything about Pet Photography. I never looked either. I just assumed Portrait Photographers cover that area. Although, I did have an opportunity a few years ago to shoot some dogs by a Christmas tree during the holiday season. I have to say it was fun and somehow we were able to get the dogs to cooperate and capture some really good shots. I hope to see the dogs again and get some cool pictures. Maybe I will create a second website just for shooting pets as a side business.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Commerical Photography

 When I was in photography school I had learned about Commercial Photography as one of the options that one could pursue. It was interesting because I had never realized everything that went into creating an ad. One of the projects I had to do was to recreate another ad. I had to show the original and mine. It took about five different sessions with Models to find the right one.

My instructor said that she preferred mine over the original. I can see why. It looked like the original on the bottom was shot in a studio whereas, mine was in public. Mine on the top seems to represent the everyday woman shopping. The one on the bottom seemed to be more towards the affluent shopper. Either way they both represent shopping.  Plus, I still had more learning.

Then I saw a spice company with Models trying to advertise the product. It really did not seem the images would be effective as the Model seemed to be more of the subject in the image then the product. I wanted to give it a try. I had some images in mind.

I knew that the product needed to be in the image. I work with a young lady to actually use the product in preparing food. We did get a few good images that day. I do hope the inserts to the images helped to define the product.

I know that people normally associate spices for grilling and are normally targeted to men since they normally grill. Although, I know that I would use a young lady preparing food in a kitchen would be acceptable since choosing spices as I believe is not just limited to men.

I was happy the way these images turned out and the young lady performed very well. I still need to do the grill image. My thoughts are that both this girl and her father could represent family cooking out. That will be my next adventure. I sure Breana will be ready to shoot.

In case you are wondering the spice was really good.

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